Cheater's Have No Heart

Cheater's cheat because they have no heart...they lack the guts to step up to the plate and tell their partner what is going on.....they also lack the self esteem to risk being single.

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I think sometimes people jump into a lifetime commitment not understanding what that truly means and find they really enjoy their new partner but don't connect on the level needed to be fullfilled as a person. Cheating occurs due to a need to be whole. I believe not letting the partner know is a cowardly way of living though. If it is your decision to love elsewhere you are selfish to tie your partners life up in deception. Many say, but I love my spouse as well. I say I believe its more a fear of failure that keeps them lying.

when we are young we are dumb fools, are we not?

CL...good point...I think in relationships since my divorce...I am way more aware of my surroundings....before I was clueless.....but now I think I would pick up on it pretty quickly...mostly because I now know what a real relationship is while my previous 15 year relationshp was but a shell of a marriage.

actually i always made accusations b/c i had been cheated on before and i had those "feelings" again. i was accusing but, would never cheat. insecurity comes in all forms:( however i did hear that often times people that are guilty are alwys looking over thier shoulder. and the innocent ones are unsuspecting.....unless its happened in prior relationships.your guad goes up and your sensed hieghten!

Interesting comment Gemi...throughout our relationship, my ex was obsessively jealous...because I knew how silly I felt, I did not return the favor and act jealous of her......I think over the years she took that as I did not care, when in reality I think I was just trying to respect her more....hmmm.

... couldn't have said it better myself! I've been accused of cheating, and have learned that many people who constantly make the accusation are usually the guilty ones. <br />
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*Not saying all... just many I've come into contact with (friends, family, etc.)

Nice avatar!!!...I was looking for something to fit this experience...thanks to whoever added it.

good point ex married her other man, who was also married when all hell broke out.......they have been married for a few years now...the funniest thing is that my kids tell me they won't let each other out of each others sight. When apart, they constantly call each every 20 mins and "check in" kids live with me that is good...something to note is that their relationship began on a lie, so they will forever distrust each other.<br />
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Btw...after divorce, the wonderful thing find sooooo many people that like/love you just the way you are. :)

WOW! Good for you darlin'! If you know things are over tell that person first so they too can move on...<br />
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If they cheated on someone to be with you then chances are they'll cheat on you when things start to get dull.

Glad to be of help to you!! Have fun!!

thanks;) that expalins why your name keeps coming up. i made you my friend. you are my 1st. hope it works

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perhaps cheating is for the weak.the weak minded and undetermined.

Thank you Classy..... having been cheated on and knowing how it feels, I could never do that to another person...I say, keep your dignity and just tell the other person what is on your mind.

could not have said it better. thanks for the hurts like hell to be cheated on.