I hate when guys automatically think ur cheating cause u talk to a lot of guys well.....I've grown up hanging with nothing but guys I've only ever had one friend my whole life that's a girl....girls are just too much drama if I wanna deal with u u best be ready to fight and that's why I hang with guys they fight and are done girls drag things out too much....so if u ever date me don't assume I'm cheating yes I talk to other guys...but that's only cause guys are cool to talk to
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1 Response Dec 17, 2014

They are insecure. Their insecurity will drive away several great girlfriends before or if they figure it out. You'll be fine tho

Just let'm get mad smile and walk away, as long as your true in your heart your good. Don't let their pointless insecure anger rain on you. Trust me it's their loss