New Ep Feature? Or Ep New Drama Creator? (The ONE Story you might want to comment on that is from an Anonymous User!)

More like a New EP Annoyance!

*****However, I will tell you who I am at the end of this!*****

This new feature of letting people post anon is utterly infuriating. I thought the point behind making our own user names and being able to edit our profiles was how we stayed anon?

So now EP has decided that one can post simply as "By: An EP User".

I find that completely infuriating.  This means that people can run around EP causing trouble without consequence.

I mean, how can we point to a specific user now and say, "Hey EP? Isn't this considered a violation of the EULA?"  I am sure we can report specific stories though.  That is not my point though.

Can EP or better yet, WILL EP do anything to these folks who post unwarranted and potentially drama filled stories that will hurt others needlessly?

Which brings me to my next issue...

Let's say I want to run amuck and post things all over EP under the guise of the "Post anonymously" feature.
When EP finally gets this was a bad idea...
Will the User's name appear when they remove this feature?
Can you imagine the drama that will ensue after that would/might happen?

Honestly, that keeps me from being stupid, but will it keep the twits out here on EP at bay to think the same way?
Or will they actually be dippy enough to go crazy and use this new feature to create needless drama?

I have so many rants on this that I can't even think straight!  So forgive my stray thoughts and repetition across this 'story' to which I am going to utilize this horrid 'new feature' and post this anonymously... Not to be annoying, but to prove that this feature is imminently hazardous and filled with potential drama causing subtleties!

I shall be quite selective in responding to these anon posts... mostly my response will be:
"I Don't Comment On Stories From Anonymous Users"

If you guessed this was SunniL who wrote this... I admit to it freely and without reservation!

An Ep User An EP User
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I agree100%....thank you for posting this.....and signing it....

The group I am most affiliated with has a number of long standing members, and when they post something, I can go to their back story for context.

"An EP User" has no back story. You cannot put what is said into any sort of context. "An EP User" has no history, no past, and thus, no credibility. As soon as I see "An EP User" as an author, I go straight past it.

Hey Baz! Why don't I type 'BIG DOGS ****' on all the heart felt stories as someone else, especially the ones with people dying of cancer or something, and then you can come along incognito and rate them all up 500 times to keep them at the top!

That would be one way of demonstrating the folly of this ridiculous "An EP User" policy Brother E. But I am a bit short on tokens at the moment (you know, those useless tokens that another ridiculous policy - of artificially pumping up stories rating) so how about we try reasoning first, by adding our voice to this excellent post by "An EP User" aka SunniL ??

Thanks bazzar :)
We also owe MrQ and thanks for creating this group after him, RedRubies and I all spotted a post by "An EP User" in one of the groups we belong to. I was going, "It has to be a glitch." and so was RR, then MrQ set us straight that it was a 'new' feature... I am sort of with Endthegame on running rampant around EP with annoying posts as "An EP User". Then I decided that I am a grown up, may as well act like one!

Oh and Endthegame, if you do run around EP posting that, you might get outted cause of the post here saying that! /laughs!

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The elephant in the room revealed! So many more to go.... Thank you...

Thank you for bringing this to light. I can definitely see how this could be a huge issue.

Strange that the story didn't pop up until I joined the group. If you just look at the group it appears to not have any stories until you click join.

I am with you. I have no problem with confessions having an anon feature but I think it should be contained there. They need to ditch this feature or EP will be over run with blue face stories that do lots of damage.

good job SunniL, good story. Now I don't have to write mine ...

No no! Please write yours too!

Yes, I admit it... I wrote it and posted it anon more so we have a point of reference for if and when EP realizes this was a BAD addition.