Why I do not comment on stories from Anonymous 'EP User'

Here is my personal opinion on all this. As I started this group after seeing discussion (SunniL and RR) below maybe first ever anonymous EP story now I am trying to explain why i made it...

Most of it was already mentioned in other stories in this group or in discussions but to sum it all up:

1) It gives people easier way how to do bad things. No doubt EP knows who is hidden behind but feeling of anonymity sometimes pushes people to do bad things that they will not dare to do in their own name. Plus if some user posted 10 stupid stories it will be obvious a I can block him besides flagging those and it is done. But if 'EP user' posts 10 stories there is doubt - are they all from same person? Or are those stories comming from several different people.

2) Double anonymity. I see no point of making anonymous posts. Each user if he/she wants is anonymous as long as he does not share his real life information. Authenticity is one of key things I value on EP ... and it is harmed by these anonymous posts. And I personally will never post anything I am not willing to sign with my EP user name ...I can be free and myself here, I will never do post anything forbidden/illegal/etc so i don't need to disguise myself in anonymity.

3) Missing context - story itself is only one part of it all. But there are more things someone has to know to provide good comment. More information about user (age, gender, profile, groups, friends, other stories) give me more information that can affect my comment to each story. Obviously (in my opinion) the way I comment to story from young male will be different then a story of mature female. Comment to someone with lot of experience and posts about BDSM will be different from a post from BDSM newbie. And by posting anon this context is simply not there.

4) Credibility of author. If someone has several good posts, several friends that I know, lot of meaningful posts on his whiteboard then I know I am not wasting my time to someone that is making all this only for fun, to annoy people, get some wanking material etc...
My time I can spend on EP is limited due to real life and I want to use it in the best possible way. And for the correct people...

5) I believe 'EP user' makes sense in confessions, there I can imagine some users (I have no issues to confess to anything i want using my username - and what i don't want i will not confess regardless if under my name or anonymously) ... but not in stories.

Those are the reasons why I do no comment on stories from anonymous users. Those are simply not credible enough for me and I will spend my time on EP in a better way.

P.S. Now I realise it has to do with my story in I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle group (http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Want-You-To-Read-This-Before-You-Add-Me-To-Your-Circle/2640584)to
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I agree with this post too, very well said!

is that feature to post anonymously still present? Have not explored it and have not seen many posts from that \"anon EP user\"

I totally agree. We are all anonymous, unless you choose not to be. I will delete any comments from "EP User".
Well said, as usual, Sir.

Like you, I have decided NOT to respond to any "EP User" posts - and your reasons resonate perfectly with me. Rated UP!!!

Thank you for rate up :) I am here only to collect rate ups :)) (just kidding)

LOL MrQ :)

I agree 100 percent.
It was not a well thought out idea, and creates more problems and concerns for the members here at EP.

could you not agree at least 110%? :))) Thanks

You said it so much more better than I did!<br />
So glad you posted your thoughts!<br />
I should have been polite and let you post your story first, but I am impatient! It is a flaw I am working on!

Thank you, receiving compliment from such smart and articulate person is great feeling.

Awww *blush* Thank you :)

(I agree with your story 125%! Cause that is just the way I roll!)

I completely agree MrQ. I think it removes some of the sincerity in a sense (especially as EP is anonymous and there is already an anonymous confession area). I like knowing who I am conversing with if I am going to give anyone my time... I just feel more comfortable that way. And yes... it's a huge back door for trouble ;-)

I think it's a feature that should go away.