Comfortable In My Own Skin

We're always told that to "fit in" in society, all we need to do is learn to be comfortable and share ourselves with society.

But I wonder...

What if the me I'm most truly comfortable with, the one that makes me happy, doesn't want to be part of society?  What if that me won't sell out his ideas for theirs, doesn't agree with convention in most of its senses?

I choose not to compromise my self, or my value's mine alone.  What I wonder is, what would society think of me, if they saw the me I'm most comfortable with?  I share the parts I know they would like, but only let out the rest in shadows, alone.

The real me, the one I don't compromise, is someone I think they wouldn't like or understand very much at all...

flirtswithdisaster flirtswithdisaster
26-30, M
6 Responses Aug 19, 2007


i wish i was that confident. society is too judgemental. just be yourself

F*** yeah, you should feel good about yourself. There will always be someone who wants to pick on you or act like they're better, but romanticly and sexually who is better than you? And we do not live in a perfect world so who the f*** is saying you should be perfect?Nobody is perfect. The truth is they are probably just jealous that they are not as hot as you.

yes and you should be have no idea how much that made me smile.

Excuse me, but F*** society if they can't love you for who you are. Why meet their standards or try to "fit in" with the crowd? If you are truly happy with yourself you won't second guess it and you should be content with who you are. You are not put on this earth to be ordinary, but indeed are extraordinary. You heard me right. You have a spark, something special that don't come around often. Don't put yourself down or feel like you have to be average. Be the real, amazing you and most of all always be yourself. Cuz if you don't love yourself, how can other ppl love you, right? Rise above the society and kick some f****** a** because you're a cool dude.