well where do i begin ok here goes im 29 years old i dont have children nor want my own least not yet but my younger cousins have just had babys s
so i proudly showed my new little cousins  on my facebook page low and behold i get a knock at my front door there is my cousin angry that i have posted picture of her kids on facebook well i ask why is this a problem there not indecent picture the children are dressed and iam a blood relative 
still i get told to take them off im gutted but i do it my other cousin who had also had a child did same thing only because the first cousin did i was totally gutted what have i done wrong thease arnt strangers kids thease are blood relatives still i took them off my facebook account imagine my  anger and dismay at learning my cousins friends not relatives friend had been allowed too keep the pictures off the kids on there face book accounts 
the simple fact is they hate me  and i only wanted a small part of that joy to say hey this little girl/guy is the newest member of the family now though i know that ill never be one of them ive helped them many many times this is how im treated im not a threat to the kiddies they where clothed in the pictures and im 100/ a blood relative yet theve made me feel dirty like im a pedo or a freak not good enough to have a picture of my own cousin   somtimes i say so what who gives a **** then i think why are they like this with me i only ever try to help i dont interfear with there lives i dont hurt them but there constantly hurting me and people say they arnt worth it i know that ? but why do they do it can they see somthing i dont see am i bad but cant see it ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i dont know i only hope and pray i learn to be as cold and hatefull as them because as im now well you can see its not doin me much good is it ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
blackthorne blackthorne
Jul 16, 2010