I Never Did

i know some people were just dying to hear me use a swear word though lol, but i never would. i won't call anyone down on it unless its a friend of mine or something like that. others can use those words if they like, but i wont. i find those words usless, especially in the context that they are mostly used in now. some of those words however, if left alone would never have become bad words, one example is the A word which simply means Donkey, but i guess people started using it to swear and it became bad because now the meaning has changed.

i was always taught to not use swear words, but i still very easily could have used them anyways. the people at my school used profanity almost all the time, and my mom swears a lot too, but i never did, i just didn't want to.
SummerDragonfly SummerDragonfly
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1 Response Jan 28, 2012

Yo! I do and im the youngist on ep i started at 9 and well u seem cool so im 11 not that long right?