I Dont Cut Anymore.. I Think

when i was younger i was in foster care and i really wanted to do was die. one ay a new foster kid came in and told me that i could feel better if i tried cutting myself. so  we unscrewed a razor from a manual pencil sharpener. then i slid the razor over my wrists and  i thought it helped. but as time passed i realized that i was happy and i was still cutting. finally i found friends that cared and every time i got the urge to cut, i called them or jogged to their houses. it worked. the less urges i got andd then i finally didnt get them anymore. but the reason i put 'i think' on the title of my story is because whenever i see blood i think about cutting, not getting ab urge, just think about a wrist with blood dripping down it. im so scared that the tiniest little thing is going to make me want to cut again. so i try not to socialize too much, even though i need it, because i might get too upset over a friend and i might start cutting again. but so far i stopped cutting2 months ago.

wheresmyplace12 wheresmyplace12
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2009