Tigerzback, My Gift From God..

I truly don't deserve you, my love.  You are patient, understanding and loving...no matter the wrong i've done you.  You apologize when you have nothing to be sorry for...you love me that much, and i know it.  Your devotion honors and humbles me...your understanding stuns and amazes me.....your willingness to take all the blame for something in which you had no fault, embarrasses and shames me.  I truly do not deserve the incredible man you are.  I am ashamed to even ask for your forgiveness... all the while knowing there is no need to even ask, for it is already given.  You, my love, deserve much more than I could ever give you.

lonesurvivor lonesurvivor
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2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

Tiger, i love you more than words could ever express......and am so very grateful that you are the wonderful man you are. Yes, my love....we will love and cherish each other each and every day for the rest of our lives!!<br />
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Your devoted and grateful wife,<br />
Penny/tgrsldy<br />
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My Angel, it is time to let those things go, to blow away as a dry leaf in a windstorm. Lets move forward and not look back; lets cherish each other, and ourselves, and celebrate each day we live together as man and wife. <br />
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As for what I deserve? Based on past failures, I deserve nothing but wretched solitude and despair - yet, I have been blessed by God to have you to love and care for. I am undeserving of your love, my beloved, but in God's mercy he has given me the most precious gift of all - YOU. I am forever thankful that I have you in my live and that we love each other as we do.