Everyone has his own right to use his/her brain to think. No one has the right to tell me or force me to change my beliefs. I listen to other peoples beliefs and views and i analyze them. Whether you're an Atheist, Satanist, Muslim, Christian, Catholic etc. I dont hate you base on your religion And i respect it. I dont care about anyones religion whatever it is. I dont interfere or want to change peoples view or belief. Everything i posted is all based on my experiences in life. And i open it up, to somehow help other people to to other facts of life that they dont know but i experienced when it comes to my spiritual life. I know there are a lot of people in this world who has problems and i want and i hope that their sufferings, pain, problems end. And they will be happy. But if you comment on my post and insult me and try to force me to believe what you believe and say a lot of bad words to me just to believe you, i will surely react to you.You cannot break me or scare me or force me. I think everyone has the right to think what is right and wrong and analyze it and apply it to their life to make their life okay so they can survive in this world that is full of problems.
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I think you are great I wish all women would stick up for them selfs and be themself stay beautiful and strong