Nope, Nyet, Nada....won't Do It!

 It is the quickest way I know to ruin a friendship.  You may be talking along calmly, agreeing to disagree, but guaranteed at some point in the conversation things will get a little heated.  Next thing you know neither one of you is speaking and the "mad" is on.

I love talking politics with some of my "real life" friends and family but that is a completely different experience.  We are face to face.  I can hear the inflection in their voice and see the expression on their face and know where the conversation is going and when to call a halt to it! 

My second love at university was the study of government, our economic foundation and how it works, the founding Fathers and our Constitution.  I am often horrified reading the political stories on EP and realizing that most people think we live in a democracy.  To not realize we live in a republic, and the difference between the two, would be a huge stumbling block before our discussion could even get going.

Then there are those who watch or listen to only one news channel and never question what they were just told.  I find it difficult to talk with those who refuse to research and discover the truth of a matter instead of following along like a lemming.  I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat.  I am my own man (as it were) and I don't believe everything I am told.  Just because it is in print doesn't make it fact.

I have seen several groups on EP lately referring to the fact that those joining either hate America or are ashamed of America.  That saddens me greatly.  For all her faults , America is a wonderful country and I am proud to say I love her and am happy I live  here. I am a staunch supporter of our military men and women and thank our veterans for all they have done to fight to uphold our freedoms.  They are the reason I have the freedom to sit and write this story without fear of recrimination.  I will not engage in disparaging this great nation even though it is the  thing to do lately.

Back to my original thought ~  I think it a bad idea to discuss politics with my EP friends.  I don't think they would like me very much when I was done talking.

No, I feel it is best to just stay away from politics. I love a good debate, but not to the detriment of a good friendship.


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5 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Nicely said.

Your sentiments are very close to mine. Well said.

Thanks for the comment. You must have read just about everything I've written on here by now! Whew, you must be bored :) lol, I appreciate it, though, makes me feel like it's not all for naught.

Haha, lucky for me you and I agree and don't argue.

I totally agree. Quickest way to lose a friend is get into a political discussion these days!!!