Political Discussions Damage Friendships

And that's what talking about political issues does.  I have tried to objectively research issues - which can be very difficult - so I can vote in line with what I believe is best for society and my future.  Most people don't and as a result they're completely ignorant.  But, I don't discuss it and I don't try to persuade friends and family to adopt my opinions.  I don't like it when friends of mine expect me to get behind a candidate or issue.  I may not agree and I don't want to expose my opinion, so I get a little annoyed when I'm expected to help out with a political issue or candidate.  Same with EP.  I have avoided political stories here, but I'll bet there are many and I bet  they're hot with emotion and hurled invectives.  Not for me.  I want my social life to be in a happy place.          
Mary1283 Mary1283
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I loved the last line... "I want my social life to be in a happy place". Never heard of a happy politician or political issue. x p

You're so right, gotta be careful with the discussion on politics - not worth losing friends over.