Meee Neitheeer!

I was one of those lucky kids who always thought drugs were NASTY! So dirty and gross! haha. So, lucky for me I was never tempted in the least bit!!! Thank goodness! I feel for those who do causes so many problems for not only them, but their families and friends as well. In a perfect world everyone would be happy and there would not only be no drugs, but no need for them whatsoever! If only!
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All of the stories on here are so self righteous... geez. Why do you people feel the need to announce this to the world? Like it makes you better.

Why on earth would anyone feel the need to be insecure over someone ELSE being happy that they personally never messed with drugs?

That's right! So are you now a strict parent? lol. I noticed in your stories you mentioned you have a she your only child? My parents were super strict too....but I turned out pretty good as well!

me too! i definitely count myself as lucky when i think about how i could've been raised and by who, etc. i have awesome parents (i think that now, but maybe not so much in my earlier years lol). in those teenage years, i might have thought they were a little too strict, etc but...i'm not a drug addict, or an alcoholic or depressed, or anything like that, so...yeah, i had a pretty good upbringing for them to instill all that in me over the course of growing up :)

Drugs are bad... m'kay.