Never Have...never Will

Heck no, I don't do drugs! I never have and never will!!! I don't even really take pain meds for when i get headaches either. i even remembering having to write a drug free speech in elementary school and the winner from each class would have to read it aloud for the whole elementary school to hear.Those were the days...
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I'd like your Help !!!
I admire those that never use and are tempted. I don't use all the time == BUT I can't seem to get Meth (bad) and doing }PnP}s on it (worse) out of my life.
I'm in Los Angeles.

Having had migranes before myself, i wold agree with you, they aren't any fun, and make you feel miserable. I used to take ibprofin/tynoel for them but they just made me sick to my stomach so i had quit taking them too for the most part

What kind of herbal remedies work for headaches? I just gernally let them go away on their own

I use to say I wouldn't do anything either. But I never thought about the harm I did to myself taking Advil and who knows what for my headaches. I try to do herbal remedies now. But I've made my own mistakes.