Not Even Marijuana

Nothing personal against those who like it, and if you want to legalize it, hey, there are worse things we do to ourselves that's legal; I just can't stand the smell. I also didn't like the effect it had on me. A lot of people enjoy the relaxing feeling it causes and being able to lose themselves, but as someone who has been completely unable to control his thoughts, kind of like being on a high all the time, I hate that feeling, and the effects of marijuana just take me back to that time.

This topic seems to invoke a lot of strong feelings either way; just saying again that my feelings are purely personal.
Mikebissle Mikebissle
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3 Responses Feb 8, 2012

Psychedelics are overpowering, it took me like 4 tries before I actually enjoyed being high. You pretty much have to do it alone in order to use it properly without any distractions or unnecessary stimuli. It helps a lot of people but it won't help everyone. If you don't need it then it's probably a waste of money though..

Thanks; nice to see a "live and let live" approach to 420 for a change. :)

I don't smoke pot either. It doesn't seem to be healthier. There is "evidence" on both sides on if it's good or not, so I stopped caring and just stayed away. So good for you for also staying away.

cannabis just save for the weak persons.