I Wish I Could Reach Out And Save All Addicts..

Never will I ever touch drugs, main reason is because my mother was an addict. I seen what it done to her, I could never let that happen to me. I have always been scared to be around drugs, which is a good thing, because I have always been scared of becoming my mother. I couldnt even have a thought of trying drugs without the image of my mother laying on the couch almost dead.. When I found her I called 911 to come, when she found out that I was the one that saved her, after she got out of the hospitial she beat the hell out of me and told me to never ******* ruin her high like that again. At that point I lost all respect for her,, I thank and love her for giving me life, but I refuse to respect someone like that. I just wish that I could reach out and help all of the addicts out there, but I know that most of them dont want to change their lifes. I feel sorry for them because they just dont know what they are missing out on...
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1 Response May 6, 2012

That sounds terrifying. I'm truly sorry your mother had to do that to you. It's sickening... but sadly, people on drugs can't care about anything except their next high. I hope you managed to get away from your mother... and much respect for making sure you never turn out like her!