My Light

I don't do drugs/alcohol.... and THANK GOD for that.
My life was tough growing up and it was easy to drink alcohol to avoid the pain
I was going through.  And then it had become easier to get drugs. I tried it and realize how bad it can
take control.  Alcohol took my mothers life when she was 50. 
Today I see many of my family member taken crank and weed,  and what a sad situation. 
I pray for them and hope they start seeing the light.  Realizing we all can overcome our pain,
with faith and Love for GOD. 
I thank GOD for my life today and the many blessings that come my way everyday! 
With drugs you don't see good in very much.  Soon you are taking advantage of people
and life is all about getting that next high.

I am 60 years old now.   And I love God, life, caring for the elderly, church, fellowship, walks,
basketball,  helping others.   
With drug addiction you don't see what GOD will do for you, nor do you really want the blessings of life.
                                                              GIVE UP THE DRUGS- AND SEE THE BEAUTY OF LIFE        thank you,     CANDY H.
Cankay Cankay
May 11, 2012