Unless Second Hand Smoking Counts

My mom smoked while she was pregnant with me and smoked all the time it was horrible in the summer the car would always be hot because she needed a Cigarette so she would roll down the window and my dad is a penny pincher and wouldn't turn the A.C on of course
rolling down the window didn;t help much the wind blowed it back in car. Kids said my hair smelled funny at school, and i had Asama my mom stopped smoking when i was 7? My hair doesn't smell anymore no and my Asama went away. But she didn't stop because of me and if she did she didn't tell anyone but she did say she stop for the lord because she couldn't sing right or something the lord, can you believe that I had freaking Asama what the heck. I guess that goes to show how worthless I am.
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I wish you would retrack the"I guess that goes to show how worthless i am " part of your story .