I have never touched any illegal drug or cigarette in my life. I might have if I wasn't in the situation I was in. Being the youngest in my immediate family, I had older siblings who did use drugs and saw the consequences of it. The main reason, though, is because I was in a near-death experience when I was ten. I made a full recovery, but almost died; I realized that life could end in a millasecond. I took a pyshcology course back in college where the professor said those in near-death experiences have their perspective on life changed; after class, I went up to him and told him that's true.
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Yes I believe people who have near death experiences have a very special something. It's like a light on the inside of them. I have a friend who had a near death experience and she is so special and, sorry don't have words to explain but I know what u mean and I'm sure u know what I mean.