I Have Seen The Damage First Hand....

...that doing drugs can do.

My cousin, 26 years old.

We are very close in age and were especially close when we are little.

He started doing drugs when he was 15...
...smoked pot
...popped Adderall pills he bought from classmates
...popped other pills, who knows what
...drank cough medicine containing DM
...smoked meth
...snorted coke
...abuses alcohol if he can't get high

He stole from his parents.
He totaled his mother's van.
He was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs while he was in college...
He was expelled from college...
He was on probation for two years

Supposedly he has not done drugs since he was arrested in 2009...
...I don't believe that...maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.

He lives at home
He has a record so it's hard for him to find a job
When he does find a job, it pays him almost nothing..
He can't keep a job because he has no self-control..he's been fired numerous times.
He has no ambition to do anything.
He plays video games and plays on the computer all night and sleeps all day.
He's stolen my aunt's debit card out of her purse, used it and then put it back.

The last I heard he was still living with them. I'll see him at Christmas or maybe in August when we go to another cousin's graduation (if he shows up).

it makes me sad to think about all that....he could have had a promising future.

OMGitsRiley OMGitsRiley
26-30, F
Jul 4, 2012