Not Now

That doesn't mean I've never done them, quite the contrary. I've struggled with addiction at different times in my life with periods, some lengthy, of sobriety. It's been almost a year this time. Last time was nineteen years. Hopefully this time will last much longer
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You can't look at the past as some measuring stick of failure or victory. It just sets you up for comparisons that really don't matter anymore. That's just what you did, not what you are doing. Right here, right now is what matters the most in terms of sobriety and addiction. Everyday without a drink or a hit is a victory.

Hooray for you Friend. You have my respect, that's for sure. Bravo!

I hope this for you too. I believe you can do it. Don't return to old bad habits, that includes people. Only take what is needed when given by a doctor. Not what is wanted. <3