Lost Childhood.

I'm 16 , I grew up in a rough area with parents not together. My mom was addicted to heroin until I was 8 months and my dad was addicted to cocaine. My mom got her life together , got a new husband tried to do better for herself. My dad continued to do drugs. He stopped hardcore drugs and just smoked weed. It makes me so upset because people think that weed is not as serious as any drug but it's still a dug it will makes you a druggie and it still destroys. Due to my dads weed i never had a relationship with him , people were always out and in our house. He went to jail leaving me and my little brother and sister homeless. I had to take care of them. It serious , and it really destroys people's lives . My sister and brother are 9 and 4 . They have been around and seen things they shouldn't have. Weed isn't ok . I lost my dad , and my house & all of a sudden I had to take care of two kids ( not complaining they mean everything to me ) all because he wanted to be calm and get high off a joint. I don't do drugs & I will never support the millions who do...
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I agree with you 100%. I think it's wonderful that you have the views you do, especially for such a young age. It was remarkably kind and selfless of you take care of your siblings when they had no one else

Thanks so much <3.

Thank you so much for your encouragement! People need to know , I want to be a voice for teens and kids that don't have one. I want to speak because I'v been through it , homeless , drugs , sexual abuse. I just want people to know we exist. Even if it might not change anything I want to help kids tell there story or let there story be heard. Thats amazing that you got clean and are doing for your kids it gives me hope for my dad. Thank you.

I love your post. i am a recovering addict with children and your are a voice for the children of addicted parents and I encouarge you to keep reaching out and sharing your story . It helps me hearing from children that have addicted parents because even though me and my children talk about things they sometimes dont express all of how they feel or felt when i was in my addiction. It hurts me to my soul that I have hurt my children emotionally and it is a main goal in my life to not hurt them again. thank you for sharing.