Hugs Not Drugs

The big misconception with private schools (at least in the case of my parents) is that they are 'safer' than the public ones in my town. At my school, this is just wrong. The public schools basically stick to pot and the like. At GH, there's crack, heroin, ex, does on and on.

For me, I just think it's a lot of silliness. Personally, I'd rather be sober when someone is high, just so I can giggle at how foolish they look. But it's odd;; people think I'm not in the norm for not doing drugs.

If someone does them, I'm not going to think badly of them for it. The only time I'll start to avoid them, or cut them off is if they try to push things on me. I have too much going in my life to play around with things I don't need.
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18-21, F
May 19, 2007