Hate Filling In Drugs Surveys :p

I just hate it when we have to fill in drug surveys in school. I don't do drugs and have never done (including alcohol and nicotine); although most of my friends drink and some smoke (and even some do hard drugs).

I feel it is a waste of time, sitting there for 10 minutes filling in all the "no"s in the survey; and half the questions are almost non-sensical too :P

I don't understand why people start doing drugs; but I do undertand that when one is addicted it is extremely hard to stop (and only that seems to be a reason to never start). but I do not despise any drug-addict, as long as they do no harm to people/property in their surroundings...

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4 Responses May 20, 2007

can hate replace the need for drugs<br />
or illicit sex?

I completely agree with what tranquildisturbance said, it is very refreshing. I am impressed that you haven't done anything, it's rare these days especially for your age group. I think you have a lot to be proud of.

Good boy ;)

you know you are a pretty open-minded person!!! thats refreshing. I think it is admiral of you to not use drugs...they dont provide a better lifestyle. your not missing out on anything, i am a substance abuse counselor so i see it all the time and i wish your friends luck. AND YOU of course. Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging comments!