The Life For Me

I was once a guy to pack finance
Wine and dine a lot and have nice plans
But, now I’ve got no cash inside my hands
Pasta and rice and a sider from Iceland
Trapped in the vice of my nine to five
And life’s crap for the times but I’m biding mine
And I guess Bristols fine if you’re not into stuff
But into being boring as ****, getting more into drugs
Where the walls drip puss, getting awkward as ****
And you’re all telling yourself you’re all giving up
And it’s a short bit of fun, and who am I to speak?
I used to rip guys off every night for base and weed
And at the time it was fine with me
Come die and sniff line after line after line with me
Now I’m stuck in the sand trying to find my feet
Singing “**** this life man, but its the one for me"
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013