I Don't Do Drugs

I have never and I will never do drugs. I love my life too much to screw it up by taking drugs. I work in the music business and most of the people that work around me do drugs so I have seen the effects first hand. To be so dependent on something that you put it before your own children is despicable. To expose kids to this, makes me sick to my stomach. I won't let anything control my life like that.
missadventurer missadventurer
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 17, 2007

yeah, i totally agree with you. No matter how many people say this or that drug is good, not bad effect, i never believe. Is there something good today but bad yesterday ? Why we have to trust people while we, our dependent individuals see nothing's perfect and obvious every drug has its bad effect, too.<br />
Don't believe people who smokes cannabis. They just talk about their dreams. I admire people who's strong to be positive without using any drug.

wonderful choice. i wish people can choose wisely like you.

I dont want to do drugs either... it's just that i always feel extremely attracted to dangerous things, so if my parents werent there... i know its despicable and i know its awful, but somehow i still believe i could just do it for once and then stop with it.. while i know how easy it is to get addicted. i am so pathetic.