Never Have and Never Will

Because I don't like being the slave of a bottle or a packet. I hate being controlled by anything. I want to be pure, clean and healthy. I think that's a reason enough.

For all those younger ones: drugs are the most uncool things around. They make you dumb.

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Drugs come in all kind of;salt can be a drug if it doesnt agree with your body.

If you don't want to try drugs, that's obviously your choice, but most drugs are just a more extreme type of relaxation and a way to chill and lay back. I'm sober, but most of the people i know take drugs and I "never have and never will" judge them for what they do/did.

caffeine is technically a drug, there are plenty of things that alter your body and mind that aren't deemed illicit, and to make the assumption that all drugs make a person "dumb" is in itself quite ignorant.

good for you perhaps the young man has never had the opportunity,, he is assuming if one takes a drug they automatically become dependent... a very misled young man,,, would be my take

I don't think the correlation between low intelligence and drug use can be summed up as "they make you dumb."

Such wisdom from a young man ! <br />
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Your mother would be very proud of the man you have become. <br />
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One day their will be a young lady in your life who will be so impressed with your stand in these matters, she will be honored to be your wife.

me 2

Never have and never will try them. I have been a ward of the state since I was 12 because of my mother being a drug addict.Doesn't really make since though they let her keep me knowing she did drugs while pregnant with me in fact she was high the day she gave birth to me but then they take me 12 years later because she took me to get x rays and she was high.