It's Just Not My Thing

I have shared this with some of you but I have never so much as tried any drug that was not specifically prescribed to me by a doctor.  I have acquaintances that do drugs but it is just not my thing.

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I understand that and honor it,it'd be a better world if more people felt that way,I was just hoping for some liveley debate on a topic I'm passionate about,I'll go start my own darned EP group(which no one will comment on)so there.<br />
love y'alls anyway...

I don't care if other people do it but I am not going to do it myself.

all this judgement coming down...there is such a thing as responsible drug use-not in every category of chemicals,of course,and not for people like me who are prone to addiction,but at least I have experience with both sides of the issue.It reeks of hypocrisy to have the dangerous drug alcohol so widely available when sacramental ethnogens are outlawed and stigmatised.<br />
we are treading on thin ice by lumping all drugs in one category-they are not created equal-experience has shown me this,and also that I can face life on life's terms with naught stronger than coffee and occasional asprin.

Me too. thanks for your comment.

kudos to you.<br />
People will always say you don't know what your missing out on but, drugs just become a huge waste of life. If I'm missing out on life then I'll pass.

I have enjoyed many valuable drug induced experiences,as well as my share of horror and learn.<br />
glad to be clean and sober,glad to deal with my emotions unfiltered from chemical hindrances,and very distrustful of a medical and pharmaceutical industry which prefers to over prescribe and over medicate,natural substances offer amazing solutions in many cases.<br />
more power to all of you who choose not to experiment and blessings to those of us who have ventured into uncharted regions within the mind.EDUCATION!-a key point in this discussion.informed debate is always healthy,unlike criminalising drugs or experimenting upon an unwary populace for profit,phooey.

that is a fact Carrie.

Before anyone thinks about drugs, they should ride in the back of an ambulance with an overdose and see, realtime, what they do to you, and what has to be done to you because of it.


i have ber done drogs but which to do it,can anyone advice me on

YW flour.

I only do prescribed drugs. Thanks for your story!



I've never touched drugs either and have no intention of ever doing so. More power to you.

Me neither. I would rather watch others and I prefer to remember what he looked like the next day.