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I don't have a Facebook page. I don't want one- I think EP is wayyy more kewl. But::::
I was reading another E/P member's story on this group that says they think Facebook is nothing more then a tracking device and I've thought the same thing for several years-this is the major reason why I did not join Facebook. But after really giving this some thought, I have come to the opinion that ALL web sites are now TRACKING ALL OF US.
I imagine any of the new computers have a tracking chip as does every website.
So it really doesn't matter which website you login to, U R BEING WATCHED.
The funny thing is, you are also watching- by logging in.
Isn't this just another way for the government to keep track of what everybody is doing and what the social media is talking about? Just by using your computer,phone,IPad,tablet ,T.V. -WHATEVER- u r being tracked.
So Facebook might have been only the start.
Think of the ways we are tracked every day:::: by our name,address,phone numbers,social security numbers,our bank accounts,our licenses,our taxes,everything we buy,sell,deposit,ship,receive,drive or do. There is probably no way you could NOT BE TRACKED in today's world. But I'm STILL not joining Facebook::::
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Puddetat~You hit the nail on its flat lil head. I agree with you absolutely. Right On! mini