Five Snoozes

7:30 am the terrible screeching sound of my alarm clock can be heard on the other side of the room forcing me to drag my sleepy butt out of bed and slam down on the snooze button. 7:45 the alarm goes off again- snooze. Rinse and repeat till about 8:50 when I finally manage to lug my sluggish body out of the blankest and convince myself that I need to get up and start the day. It's luck for me that I work 2 minutes away from home so I literally can roll into work at 9:00, still with sleep crusting my eyes just after waking up 10 minutes before.

It is necessary to place the noisy bastard, aka. Alarm clock, on the other side of the room that way in my waking denial state I don't just throw my arm over and slam on the 'off' button- because I would so do that. I like to set many snoozes because if gives me the impression that I am sleeping in, even if I am not. I'll stay in bed listing to the radio through foggy ears before I start actually finding myself in touch with the waking world. '

Work, as tedious as it is, always has a fresh pot of coffee on for me to guzzle down the moment I step in. I'm not always sure who makes the pot, nobody else drinks it but I happily volunteer to relieve the office of its caffeine substances. I'll sit at my desk, staring at the computer monitor blankly for about half an hour before I can bring myself to actually produce anything. The morning news will sometimes find its way onto my desk and I'll have to read it over about two times before it actually sinks in. Really, my brain doesn't start trucking until about 10:30.

Before, when I was a teenager, I hated the world and everyone in it whenever I had to wake up. It was mission impossible, not even Tom Cruse could take this one on. I would convince myself that I needed to roll back in the sheets and catch some more Zs and daydream about the next time sleep would be possible. Now, at least I don't hate life when the alarm sounds, I sometimes do wanna get back to the dreamland and be lazy all day long but I also realize that there is a day that I seem to be missing so sleep gets pushed aside till later- provided I get a big steaming cup of Jo in the morning. Still, on the off day I do love a good sleep in!
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AM rough HUH?? Sorry. Hope they get better. HUGS, livingwell