I once had twitter and used it for a good couple of years but I eventually went cold turkey and stopped using it in July 2013. The reason being when i first started using it only people who had interesting things to say or talk about used it. It was great because it was like an escape from all the nastiness that Facebook became known for. However, after a a year or so all the nasty bully types on Facebook started using twitter and trolling just like they did before. I am the type of person who is very sensitive to insults and completely pointless nastiness that only accounts to pure cyber bullying, whether it's happening to me or not so because of that I decided to leave. I haven't looked back since. I actually felt a better person for it. I used to check my twitter feed literally every 10 minutes to see if anything new had happened. I was addicted! I would get hardly any work done at work, just the bare minimum. By getting rid of twitter I have felt like I have grown up more by putting more effort into my work than my social media life. I've found I like living a low profile life. I don't feel the need to tell everyone what I'm thinking or what I'm doing. It's great! Anyone feeling suffocated by social media should do the same as me and good cold turkey.
fullen fullen
26-30, M
Aug 27, 2014