I Just Dont, And I Wish I Could

I never dream, and if i do i never remember it when i wake up. The only time i have anything close to a dream is when im barly asleep, you know that place between being awake and hereig things around you, and being asleep and not moving? i have little dreams, but i still only remember those for a brief second when i wake up. Or i have one of those dream when im falling and wake up suddenly, but theres no dream, its just fall then im awake. It makes me mad that i dont dream, because its feels like 2 seconds then its morning, and during those 2 seconds is blackness, but i want somthing to there. I dont even ever remember having a nightmare, which i guess is a good thing. But still, i wish i could dream.
Ineedawedgie Ineedawedgie
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012