I might be alone in this group but I don't find any joy or comfort in drinking alone. I have a full wine rack....quite the liquor cabinet but never think to touch any of it, no matter how I'm feeling. I have fun drinking with friends....have favourite red wines, white gives me headaches....love beer, especially dark ones and love great vodka....just not on my own. Cheers, though, to anyone who is having one now.
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I don't shy from drinking, but I too refuse to drink alone...alcohol is something to share.
Although my most prized liquors are only shared with those of my friends who know how to appreciate them.

That's exactly how I feel.... ;)

Need some company? I'm not a wino but the liquor cabinet sounds great right now! :)

What's your pleasure? :)

Dirty martini, shaken, not stirred.

Dirty one, eh? lol... I might have the makings....lol....

Make it any way you please, I wouldn't know the difference! I was just trying to sound refined! Lol

Lmao....you could have googled it....I had to....lol...

Lol thank the lord for google!

....and dirty martinis!! lol....

Idk about that yet... They sound horrible! Lol I'd try it but ingredients like olive brine and dry vermouth do not sound appetizing!
I'd definitely go with vodka over gin though! Gin is ={

Soooo....you Googled it.....Lmao.....

Yes... yes I did! Lol

Lmao....then you might want to change your drink of choice....lol....

Whiskey on the rocks please, thank you!

That! I can manage....hmmm....need to make some rocks....lol....wait....it's coming ....bear with me....

Awesome! Sounds like I might get stoned!

That....I grow....LMAO....

I don't really want to puff on a fat one but I'd sure as hell drink my whiskey and watch you do it! ;)

Some gins are really yummy... Try Hendricks next time!

Thanks for the suggestion....I will have to try but with someone. ;)

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I use to but gave up drinking for the most part. Made life a little easier for me.

That's great! Good for you.....I just don't find it fun and i don't need a drink to have fun ; )

No u dont;-)

I know how you feel ...it's way more fun enjoying a drink with friends. Even when travelling I've met and gotten to know some great people over a few drinks...even this week as we've been discovering the wines and awesome beers from the Anderson Valley in Northern California. Now it's Oregon - so many great wines and so little time!

You must be having a blast...try some nice reds for me and have fun. I'm glad you could join me in this group...now I'm not alone....lol....