I Dont

i only really drink bottled water because they dont contain any flouride apprantly. i try to avoid tap water when i can because it has flouride in it which is a toxic waste and actually causes your IQ to decrease as well as causing brittle bones apprantly, so i try to avoid it.
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Yes, fluoride is so bad for you!! Hate to drink any water with it in it!! Filters take the taste out though...hmmm...I wonder if they actually take the fluoride itself out though. I drink lots of water though. So it's a toss up, would you rather....drink the poison water, or dehydrate to death!

meh, its not in there intresets that why..i think you can buy flouride filters, not sure..i heard something about them but i'm not sure if they are around or not..probrably are though i'd imagine...for those who can afford them...check out chemtrails..that is very intreseting lol

check out the Flouride Deception its this book which talks about it.

i remember reading it somewhere that there was no real proof that Flouride gave any benefit at all. this was a good few months ago but there was this thing i watched where it had interviews with scenitsts who had done research into Flouride. i'll try to find it again.

Flouride is important to keep your teeth strong so they won't become brittle. I had never heard that its a toxic waste. You may want to ask your dentist about its beneficial properties.