I just never understood the purpose of it. It doesn't make sense to me. and from what ive seen no good really ever comes out of it so ive definitely made it a point not to do. and although i will never drink i think smoking is even worse. its just totally unflattering and stinks and they both can cause pain and heartache and many medical problems. so its just not appealing to me or something i ever want to do.

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I look and act like someone who would love to go and and get wasted and smoke and get high and stuff which is why people are always surprised when they find out i don't do that stuff. I just want to be able to find people my age that i can have fun hanging out with and there isn't the pressure to get alcohol to have a good time. I love movies, book, music writing, art etc....and thats how i have fun. Its hard to find young people these days who would chose those over other substances....

i agree with both of you. i mean having a drink or two is totally different then getting wasted out of your mind and passing out. i just think when i go out to have fun i want to be able to remember that fun night that i had lol. i think everything in moderation is fine as long as its under control.....jafetgx i think its awesome that you quit smoking cigarettes as for the weed just be careful not to get caught. haha

I like to drink, but i don't get people getting drunk. I like the taste of it, but i don't like getting dizzy and getting hungover the day after. About smoking cigarettes, i tried it for a while, it's not that you like it at first but when you get stressed or something you just know that what you need is a cigarette. That's why i quit smoking, i don't want to depend on it when im stressed. About smoking weed though, i love it. It gives you another perspective to life.

I don't get smoking either. Drinking I can kind of get though. I mean, it's just like drinking anything else. If you enjoy Coke, drink Coke. If you like milk, drink milk. If you like the taste of beer, drink beer. I don't see anything wrong with drinking because you enjoy it, or even just to relax. I mean, as long as you're in control of yourself. The problem I have with drinking is just getting drunk and wasted. That's just not cool...and causes more problems than it's worth. Drinking in moderation can actually be healthy though. A glass of red wine a day is good for your heart.<br />
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Smoking, on the other hand, has no point whatsoever. It's bad for you, and it's bad and annoying to people around you.