Can't Stop Drinking Cokes! Help!

I never ever liked to drink soda until my husband got me into it! Don't ask how, but he used to ALMOST force me to drink it.

After i got over the harsh tingling sensation of it traveling down my throat, i started to like it. It hasn't had any effect on my weight at all maybe because I'm still in my late 20's and I run. However, I swear it hurts my kidneys!! My kidneys literally hurt after I start drinking my 2nd soda of the day and I feel an inner pain in my lower back where my kidneys are. (And my urine feels too hot gross sorry)

Also this coke has NO benefit! Please advise me on how you quit drinking soda!
Mishtx Mishtx
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

i just got thru from drinking a Peach soda

I haven't quit drinking it, but I only allow myself one or two a week and even then I only drink half a can. It's just too sweet and filling. They also give me terrible heart palpitations and slight depression. If I drink too much, my heart literally beats in my throat and I cry at everything. I think it hurts my kidneys too because since I've cut down, they don't hurt anymore. I LOVE Mt Dew, but I make it a treat. I stick to water 99% of the time. I only drink coffee when it's cold out and when it has Bailey's in it;p
I find it's easier to keep weight off when I don't drink it often.

Yes the soda is filling and I swear I feel bloated! Lucky you for 1 or 2 per week. I'm at 2 per day and sometimes i even crave for a 3rd. I switched to diet and I think it's the same as regular. And worse.