I don't like to drink the leftover milk from cereal, because it's too sugary! I only like to drink milk when there is nothing added to it. :-)

BUT, then I hate to waste food! So, when I have milk left over, I sorta panic! What do I do?! Well, I finally found a solution to it all... but it's not so great... I will add more cereal to the leftover milk and then eat that! That works! But then, I ate more cereal than I attended to... :-/

Or I try the technical way, of trying to eat my cereal in an even ratio of milk and cereal. Another words, not getting too much of the flakes in with the amount of the milk on the spoon... YES, this is ridiculous! Am I doing chemistry here or eating cereal!? :-o

But, I just really hate wasting food! XD

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

I've always been annoyed by leftover milk. I used to drink it from the bowl as a kid, but it's kind of always grossed me out. It took me a long time to find the right ratio of cereal to milk. You also have to take into consideration what kind of cereal you're eating. Hmm, I think I've thought about this was to much. LOL!

LOL! I'm the same way and through years of practice I'm able to eat all of the milk and cereal. Is is silly that I take a little pride in this ability? If I do ever have any left I do give it to my cat. :)