It Kills My Buzz...

Or at least that's what I tell people. And no, I'm not recovering from anything; at least not alcohol related. And I'll admit that when I was younger, in college, I could out-drink all the boys. But that was back then, and mostly out of peer pressure; that and the fact that I was the only one who looked old enough to buy liquor. I'd snag a suit from the step-mom's closet, slip on some pearls and walk out of the liquor store with as much alcohol as I could carry in a pair of three inch heels. All the frat boys liked me back then, for sure.

But in all honesty, it really just makes me sleepy. And mean, if I were to over-indulge. Looking back on my life, pretty much every horrible thing that happened to me occurred while I was under the influence. Somewhere in my mid twenties, I decided to stop doing stupid **** while I was drinking. And then I realized that I ONLY did stupid **** while I was drinking, so I quit. I never wanted to find myself in a position again where I couldn't readily get behind the wheel and make my getaway, so to speak. And I'd also discovered that nearly every time I drank, I vomited. Not my idea of a good time.

Now, if I'm out with friends? I've learned to order that vodka tonic and park it somewhere after a sip or two. I grew tired of the whispers and the, "OH, you don't drink? Well, will it 'bother' you if we do? Maybe we shouldn't" condolences from them, like I was running late for an AA meeting or something. I'm not a preacher, after all, nor do I care terribly what people think. It's just that apparently so few people DON'T drink that my abstinence stands out in social situations. So when in Rome.... But I really just don't care for the way it makes me feel. And I especially don't care for the way it makes other people behave. Or misbehave, I should say. They don't call it "Liquid Courage" for nothin'. It's always the seriously inebriated guy at the bar who thinks he's got a shot with me, too. Not in this lifetime, pal. I'm not into guys who dance on top of bars in their boxers and their boots. Just sayin'.

And my favorite is the guy who drinks so much at night that he has no recall whatsoever the next morning. But that's my ex-boyfriend; and another story for another time. I've also quit dating alcoholics, so maybe I AM recovering from something or other....
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hmm.. that's the thing. Why is it so damn hard to be a non-drinker SOCIALLY? Not even the personal struggle with refusing alcohol (greater for some than others), but how it affects social situations!<br />
I think our society is structured wrong (well, most of the world's societies, really).<br />
<br />
I don't like causing a scene either (or just any unnecessary noise related to the topic, really) but don't see why I should be buying and sipping brain-poison I don't want so my company won't make a big deal out of nothing.

I don't drink either, but then I'm not exactly a party <br />
person either. I don't think anything odd about a non drinker. I believe typically the quantity of alcohol intake = loud, obnoxious behavior.<br />