I Do Not Drink Alcohol

I used to when I was younger, only when I was socializing with friends. Once I married and had kids all that stopped. I also became more religious so that contributed also to quitting.
So I went about 17 years without a drink. I never missed it. Just didn't have the urge or feel I wanted to. Then almost a year ago, my family was traveling and I was alone for weeks. I had been going through a lot with my husband and I think I just felt I needed to do something to unwind...relax and let go! So I went and bought a six pack! Im a beer drinker more than anything else. Anyway, I went home, watched some movies and drank it all! I loved it and had fun.

I think it made me realize that if all these years I had depended on alcohol to relax and let go, I would probably be a big drinker. I would rely on it and it would be what would get me through all of the crap I deal with on a day to day basis. Im glad I restrict myself and do not drink regularly. 

Im not saying I will never drink again. But I don't make it a habit.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

bravo!! I drink beer to occasionally. when I ride.. never.. makes a 800lb motorcycle feel like its wheels are off a 10 speed race bike!!

love you point if my mirrored view

I don't drink but...I do often think of a beer. LOL Im often enticed by a beer but don't partake often.

I have beer in my garage fridge that is over a year old from a little get together.. I bet that made avid beer drinkers just faint.. blasphemy!!

LOL! *sneaks in garage and gets beer*

This is kind of funny given a blog I did about a half hour ago. GMTA!

I have to read it....