I Dont Get It

Sure i had my time when i turned 18 of having a few all nighters with drink and drugs, and the terrible scat days and hangovers that followed, but after a year of that i got over it. I dont understand why for a massive part of society, life revolves around getting wasted friday and saturday nights, or here in australia, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday nights. I'ts not like you really meet intersting people when your out smashed, or have meaningful conversations. theres so much more to life 

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3 Responses Feb 27, 2009

It seems it would be more enjoyable to get laid with sober people while being sober yourself on Friday and Saturday nights because you get to have a good time, you will remember it the next morning, and you won't be in total agony the next morning either, well, as long as you were careful and didn't get an STD without knowing...

Trust me your not missing out on, i feel like ive missed out on the best years of my life due to drugs and alcohol, now i dont do that **** im so much happier, and free to explore the spiritual side of life

Alcohol + meeting random people/doing stupid things with your friends = temporary happiness. It's enough for some people I guess, being bored with their crappy jobs/lives, drinking , doing it again the next day....and the next day........