Never Even Tasted It

People think it is funny when I tell them I have never even tasted alcohol. I've never had a drink and I never will. I have no desire to. I don't need it to have a good time. Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wouldn't ever have a drink, it just became a part of who I am.

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I used to drink but I stopped and I know the benefits outweigh the (few) advantages of booze. I can see it from both sides but I don't like people who get loudmouthed when drunk. I was always mellow, but I never got 'legless'- I have seen alcoholics , true alcoholics, and their lives just revolve around drink (the socially 'acceptable' drug). I thought that there were no people who had never had ANY alcohol. I'm glad to be proved wrong. However, I am glad that I used to drink because stopping drinking was a challenge for me, and I succeeded thankfully. I do admire people who have never touched it as long as it hasn't been due to anyone forcing it upon them (ie, for religious reasons, etc) becasue in moderation it doesn't do harm usually..

Good for you! Me too :)

Great! You're really smart to stay away from it. I don't do it, either, and I'm happy this way.

I was amazed when I first heard both Penn and Teller have never had a drink or touched a drug. I wondered how could they not be curious?<br />
Now that Ive lived a few more years there are plenty of ways I can understand it now, and I totally admire you and anyone else who have been able to do that.<br />
Good for you!!

Good for you! I would give anything to say that