No Cars Go

I've never liked cars... I always had motion sickness when we used them and the only cars I managed not to feel sick in were usually old cars like the Beetle or Citroens, or Porsches. So automatically I don't associate anything pleasant with cars. 
I've also had a couple of driving lessons, but I was way too paranoid and I kept going extremely slow. 

I love living in cities with a tight web of public transport because it allows me to go everywhere without cars. I also adore walking and biking, so I don't really need a car. I keep telling myself I should get my license just in case zombie apocalypse happens and I need to drive away fast.
But since getting a license is expensive and I think that because I spend half of my life daydreaming (which isn't a good idea to do on the road), I don't think I am ever going to.
LittleMonroe LittleMonroe
18-21, F
Jul 19, 2010