I Swear I'm Not A Weirdo.

I have not had the desire to drive ever in my life... and for some reason, the majority of my friends and family can't seem to wrap their brains around it. They think I'm a total Weirdo. Why is it weird? I'm healthy. I live in a city where everything I want or need is walking distance away. The fact that 2/3 of American adults are overweight or obese just goes to show that not everyone is afforded the "luxury" of walking. I understand that some people have to drive... and I'm fine with that. That is their choice. This is mine.
Now, if I lived out in BumbleSticks where the nearest gas station is like an hour away and my family would starve if I didn't drive to work, then yeah, perhaps I'd be singing a different tune... but I don't, so I don't see what the big whoop is.
"But don't you want the freedom to be able to just go wherever you want?"... ummm, I have legs and feet. I do have the freedom to just go wherever I want... like through the grass where cars aren't allowed.
Besides... Signing contracts, taking out bank loans, paying the insurance company, and being gouged at the gas pump, etc. is not quite my personal idea of freedom.
I'm not a big fan of big gas and oil companies either... I really hate what BP did do my planet's oceans and the poor little critters that live in it (anyone else see that sad pelican on Time? *tear*sniff). Our addiction to fossil fuels is cancerous to this Earth. Yet other options are supposedly "not practical". That is one of the many great lies. Using unsustainable energy to power the world is not practical. Duh! You know how long it took the Earth to turn those plants and dinosaurs into oil??! There's 7,000,000,000 of us here and counting... We don't have that kind of time or resources!
What REALLY grinds my gears is that we've had the technology for a clean, sustainable, civilized society since the early 1900's. An idea that would have revolutionized humanity, envisioned by the brilliant mind of Nikola Tesla, to use the Earth's own natural magnetic field to generate an endless supply of elecricty; creating enough wireless energy to power the entire world for free! This idea of free and wireless energy was directly opposed by capitalist society and they did everything in their power to ostracize him and his vision. His laboratory was "mysteriously" burned to the ground and he died alone and penniless in a hotel room. His unfinished/unpublished works were later seized from his room by the government after his death. So, in short, a few rat bastard tycoons (ahem JP Morgan, ahem Rockefeller) held the human race back from true progress by buying off our government, forcing their ridiculous system upon us, and destroying the reputation and career of one of the greatest scientist that ever lived... TESLA WAS BETTER THAN EDISON!!!
Okay, so I went on a rant there... I know it all sounds crazy... but the truth is always stranger than fiction.
Short story long, I don't need a car and I avoid supporting their system in ways that I can. Like by not driving.
When they finally come to their senses and invent an affordable car that doesn't rely on fossil fuels to get around... that will be the day I consider getting one. Until then, I'll just dream of living in Amsterdam where not having a car is the norm.
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4 Responses Jan 24, 2012

Horrific car accident aside i love driving but I didn't drive for years. But I am in your camp about lousy fuel costs, traffic that makes me want to tusks at the end of my car to lance and toss other bumbling drives, an archaic traffic light system, too many failing drivers roaming around causing accidents

I personally hate driving myself but must do it. If I was rich, I would totally hire someone to drive me around :)

Feel the same way, never wanted to drive but under tremendous peer pressure to do so!

I definitely related to the first paragraph of this story. It was exactly the same kind of experience that I have had.