New To This Group And I Can Agree.

 Hello Everyone,


I'm in my 30s and I don't drive. I have a learner's permit and no license. I've tried to take a driving course, but I found that I am way too nervous and emotional when I am behind the wheel. And I have failed my driver's test twice.

So I am proud that I don't drive. For one, I don't spend my money on gas, insurance, parking, and maintenance on a car. I do spent $83 a month for a bus pass. Plus, I can drink alcohol (But still not too much since I do need to be sane).

That got me reminded of something. I'm from Canada and we have a reality show called Canada's Worst Driver. It boggles the mind why there are people that are emotional and nervous like me are still behind the wheel.

Of course there are negative when it comes to taking the bus, but I don't want to be the one behind the wheel.

midnightstarr midnightstarr
41-45, F
Feb 21, 2010