I Am 19 And Don't Know How To Drive.....

I know that sounds really odd, especially now a days when everyone's pretty much driving, but I never learned =-(  My financial situation is not so good and I can't seem to get a job (you need experience and most jobs look for that. BTW, what part time jobs can you get without experience?), so I can't afford a car right now. I do use the bus from time to time (and for free, my university id allows me to do that. =-P) so I get places. It just feels weird when everyone you know drives a car, you know? 


I know I'm not the only one, but it just feels lonely, that's all.


I've been asking my mom to help me look for a car, and we did once, but the car we were looking at was kind of shady (it was only 3 years old and already had about 75 thousand miles on it, and it was making a bunch of goofy noises, so that was out), but we've haven't looked for one since. I keep trying to get her to help me look for one, but she gets angry every time I bring it up. (again, our financial situation is getting worse, so she get stressed about that and I feel bad for nagging her) 

So, I don't drive. And I feel a little awkward. I know I'm not the only one, but...... oh well 

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Lol you are definitely not alone

Retail! Everyone is hiring right now...It's SHOPPING SEASON! Put in applications to major corporate chains, even if they only hire you for seasonal, that's experience (and cash) that you didn't have before. Starting on the bottom of the chain SUCKS, but everyone has to start somewhere!!! Sometimes retail stores just need warm bodies, but running a register isn't too complicated...I'm convinced monkeys could do my job! <br />
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Do you have your license?

Thanks guys, just knowing I'm not alone makes me feel better! =-)

I grew up in a major city, so for me, not driving means not paying over $25/hour to park somewhere. And with a subway, streetcars nearby, why drive? <br />
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Now that I'm much older & I left the area, I can understand how you feel. It can be isolating, especially when you're asked for ID & 'everyone' figures that you have a drivers' license. Not! <br />
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Since you're in university, is it possible that you could tutor someone in exchange for driving lessons? That would be a job you can do that wouldn't require experience. <br />
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Once you get your license, you can always carpool with people. And taking turns driving would give you more hands-on experience as well. <br />
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As for your mom, I wouldn't bring it up again. Let her deal with the domestic details. You've got enough going on as a student, etc. <br />
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Sounds like you're better off showing some independence and doing this car researching on your own. Bring a friend who knows cars with you & check out a few places. That way, you won't get stuck with someone's junk. <br />
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No reason to feel awkward. You're not the only one who doesn't drive and/or has $ probs. Hope this helps.

Don't feel bad. I didn't take a real interest in driving until I was 21. I'm 22 now. Lol. And before then, I used to catch the bus and walk all the time. It was hard to go out on dates because not only didnt I have my own car, I didnt even know how to drive! So youre not alone. Dont feel weird because youre no lesser than anybody else. Don't worry, keep faith,, you'll get a car...