I Just Can't Live Without ...

I just can't live without meat & potatoes... I always believed that the food chain exists for a reason, and I don't trust anyone who betrays that part of our existence.
Fezwick Fezwick
31-35, M
2 Responses Dec 19, 2006

The series of events leading up to a hamburger resembles man's dominance over animal and nature. Nothing else manages to get what it wants as well as we do, and we want meat and potatoes.

The food chain exists as a subject in a text book. The series of events leading up to a hamburger hardly resemble a food chain. The prey don't breed on their own. They are not hunted. The weak are not separated from the herd and eaten. The predators do not hunt. Most of them don't even walk to the store to buy the meat. Those who eat the meat don't even kill the animal. But anyway, sure, predators can be a good thing for animal species in nature. So I guess they exist for a reason.