Sometimes I Dream About Cheeseburgers

I am a relatively new vegan. Going on six months. I still dream about cheeseburgers and pizza with real cheese, but i am relieved to wake up having not eaten them.

I am conflicted about wearing my old leather belt and shoes. Is it wrong to not wear them, thereby not getting the full use out of something for which a living being lost it's life?

I feel better not eating animals.

I don't like tofu very much.

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5 Responses Dec 19, 2006

I am vegan and have a few leather items family or friends have given me from back in the day . I can't wear them now. I tried on a jacket 6 months ago (leather) and took it off straightaway . It felt wrong and I felt like a hypocrite. Whatever feels right for you but you may feel as I did . Keep it up though ! Us vegans are fantastic in our efforts ;)

I am a mammal, omnivore, and I appreciate your ethical approach.<br />
But is the extinction of species really the answer?<br />
Most domestic animals can not survive without humans.<br />
What is the logical extent ion of you approach?<br />
Kill the wolves, polar bears and all other, mammals like us, so the vegan critters can survive?

i don't like the idea of displaying dead animals on or around me. I think it sends a contradictory message. :)

I have been totally rocking the vegan thing for months now, and I totally love it. Can't imagine life any other way. There's no looking back now. Life is pretty awesome...