Dont Eat It Cos I Like Cows!

i dont eat beef because i love cows! lol, i stopped eating it around 3 or 4 years ago, and wont touch it, dont think i ever would, even if i stopped liking cows. it was really bad when i first started it cos i used to really like things like beef burgers and steak, but ive managed to find other things instead. i only eat chicken, turkey and pork. wont eat any other meat.
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3 Responses Aug 17, 2007

thanks, but i think i'll pass on that lol. i've seen some things on tv where animals get slaughtered, and i don't eat alot of meat, i only eat it when i have to, my parents tend to feed me still lol, but if they dont then i dont think i've ever made myself anything with meat in, lol.<br />
i dont think i have the stomache to see a load of animals being slaughtered at the moment, lol.

mapleman: maybe its not for me to say, but I dont think you'll see her around, sorry hahhaha<br />
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I dont eat beef either! but I used to love burgers in my non-veg days....<br />
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I'm not trying to vegan-ify you or anything, but watching these videos really changed the way I looked at things and it made me see the truth in meat industry. You should watch them, just so you know whats going on inside slaughterhouses, but if you dont want to then thats fine too<br />
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lol, erm no, i very much doubt it lol :-P poor moo moo's hehehe