I don't have any ethical or moral reasons for not eating fish. I just cannot stand the taste. The thought of eating dirt is more appealing to me. I will on occasion eat tuna. I prefer the tuna that comes in those packets with the crackers and the relish. I can't remember if I like the white chunk or albacore. I'm thinking it's the albacore I don't like. I have to pick out any dark bits though. What ARE those dark bits anyhow? On a very rare occasion I'll eat popcorn shrimp. I used to eat it a lot as a kid. It's been uh.. 5 to 10 years since I've had it last. I can't stomach the idea of eating an entire organism. I know they remove the spine, but what about the head? The entrails... do shrimp have entrails? The reproductive organs? Eww. I've tried salmon. It REEKS up the house an tastes, well fishy. He says sal-mon, she says sam-on. I say cat food. The only time I've liked salmon was when a friend once prepared it the way her family does. All I remember was it involved saltine crackers.  I've tried oyster soup, or whatever it's called. Flavorwise it wasn't too bad. Texturewise... snot city. I did try sushi once, since my friend was crazy about it. I don't get it at all. Gag, gag, and more gag.

Truth be told, the taste of my own snot when I get a bad cold tastes better to me than fish.

Elistariel Elistariel
31-35, F
Feb 27, 2010