My Tongue Won't Accept Seafood

i don't eat seafood because..well, i have allergies toward shrimps. i actually like how it tastes (ate snacks with shrimp flavors so i kinda still know how it tastes like) but because i'm allergic i can't eat shrimp nor anything with a little bit of it. my biggest no-no about seafood is actually fish. i get nausea and sickness whenever i eat fish, i can't stand the smell and i can't stand how it tastes in my mouth. I sometimes end up throwing up if i force myself to eat it. i don't remember since when this started but the best i can remember is i once ate fish without any problem during my childhood, and somehow the bone stuck in my throat, i couldn't get myself free of it for days despite my effort of pushing it down by eating a lot of rice. so i guess i got traumatic and unconsciously telling myself that fish is awful, it's bad, it stinks, it'll hurt you and whatnot, lol. and so my avoidance from fish somehow made me generalized anything seafood, i also won't eat prawns, abalone, octopus, oyster.. anything that came from the sea. i think because they taste almost the same. anyway the only 'seafood' i can still eat is only salmon norimaki.. simply because i can't taste the fish and it all covered in japanese soy sauce and wasabi.
Mameha Mameha
22-25, F
Mar 2, 2011